The Lunatorium on TV

The best way to see what we do, other than logging into Second Life™,
is to watch this video.

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Atelier and Entrance with Personal Assistant
Showroom Christmas- and Advent decoration
Showroom Wedding- and Valentines Day decoration

Underwater Garden:
Entrance Underwater Garden
Mermaid costume vendors
Coral Swarmrezzer vendors

Because we have the Personal Assistant,
we could layout the region in colour-themed areas.

Garden - indigo, blue, turquoise
Garden - purple, pink, violet
Garden - white, vanilla
Garden - red, carmine, tangerine
Garden - yellow, sunny, beige, sand

Underwater Garden - indigo, blue, turquoise
Underwater Garden - purple, pink, violet
Underwater Garden - white, pale, ghost
Underwater Garden - green, red, carmine
Underwater Garden - yellow, beige, sand